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Image Processing Device Operation Policy

Article 4 (Installation and Operation of Image Processing Devices)

① The K-POP Museum installs and operates image processing devices as follows.
1. Grounds for and purpose of installing image processing devices: Facility safety, fire prevention, cimre prevention for the safety of customers, relic theft prevention, and vehicle theft and damage prevention
2. Number of devices installed, location, and scope of monitoring:

Number of devices installed Location, and scope of monitoring
48 devices Each exhibition hall, outdoor space near the Museum, parking lot, service space


Managing Officer Kim Yeong-Eok
Access Officer Kim Eun-Yeong

4.Image monitoring time, storage period, storage location, and processing method

Monitoring time Storage period Storage location
24 hours 1 month from monitoring date Office

5. Method and place of checking image information: Requested to the Managing Officer

6. Measures on requests to view image information by subjects of information: The request shall be submitted using the personal image information viewing and confirmation request form. Viewing of image information is only permitted if the subject of information is present in the image or it is clearly necessary for life, body, or property of the subject of information.

Article 5 (Change of Privacy Policy)

① This Privacy Policy shall come into effect on May 15, 2021.

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