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Director Yoo Chung-Hee of the K-POP Museum collected K-POP relics from the Korean Empire period when pop music was started until the 2000s for nearly 30 years. There are about 70,000 pieces in the collection, comprising first and rare copies of televisions, lyrics books, music sheets, music textbooks, trophies, phonographs, music boxes, vintage speakers, and audio systems. Representative data of the K-POP Museum include the first music album released in 1907, first songbook, first K-POP songs like Hometown Behind Me, Song of Hope, and Falling Flowers and Flowing Water, the Hymn of Death that marked the beginning of pop music, Hickey Shin guitar melody album of Shin Jung-Hyeon the godfather of Korean rock music, first children’s music album titled Half-moon, first cylinder album (reprinted) stored in the Library of U.S. Congress, Western Electric Audio System used in American silent movies 100 years ago, Jensen, Altec, JBL, Zeiss Ikon System used during the public speech of Hitler in Germany, Emperor Speaker produced by Samsung known as the Lee Kun-Hee Speaker, first Gold Star television, and first Gold Star radio. All items in the collection have rare and unique historical values that cannot be converted into prices.

The Collection Data Book will be published in 2021.

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