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We dream of expanding pop music culture
and history with your donations

Ever since the opening in 2015, many people have shown deep interest
and affection toward the K-POP Museum and donated their K-POP collections.
Although the ratio of donated exhibits to all exhibits in the Museum is extremely low,
we are using donated exhibits in various projects and expect to use them
as permanent and special exhibition materials at education sites.
Our Museum will continue to place importance on donation projects and serve the purpose of donors.

We hope that more people would get interested in the K-POP Museum and participate in donations.

Thank you.

Objects of Donation

Materials related to K-POP, dated since 1876 (port opening) until present
(Music albums (CD, cassette tapes), publications, printouts, photos, record players, instruments, videos, souvenirs, etc.)

Donation Procedure

  • Receipt of intention to donate

    Phone contact
    Website submission

  • Review

    Internal review-notification after review

  • Takeover

    Guidance of takeover process
    Completion of donation process

  • Reversion to the Museum

    Issuance of donation certificate and registration of material

Restrictions on Donation

  • If the ownership or source of the material is uncertain
  • If the material is severely damaged and does not have value
  • If there are conditions for donation

Donation Information

  • Donation Information

    [38116]9, EXPO-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
  • E-mail
  • Phone

  • Fax


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