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Exhibit Hall

Kpop Museum’s exhibit hall

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    The 100 Year History of Korean Pop Music Exhibition

    This exhibition is the main exhibition of the K-POP Museum and Korea’s first pop music space that exhibits original, rare, and hit music albums embracing the era of Emperor Gojong in the 1900s or the dawning period of K-POP, August 15 liberation from the Japanese colonialism, Korean War, industrialization, democratization, and the 2000s when K-POP made a global hit. This exhibition offers a service for visitors to appreciate K-POP music from different eras using tablet devices.
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    OST Soundtrack Exhibition

    K-POP music and original soundtracks (OST) of films formed an intimate relationship. K-POP songs that made a hit in the difficult times were turned into OST albums by producing films. K-POP and movies have grown together, and theme songs of movies began to become more widespread. This exhibition presents original rare OST albums and related materials, such as movie posters, scripts, and videotapes. Visitors can appreciate OST songs using tablet devices.
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    The 100 Year History of Sound Art Science Exhibition

    Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, and the world’s first speaker used in the silent movie era of the 1920s was made by Western Electric. This exhibition has global speakers and amps like Altec, Jensen, JBL, Tannoy of England, Kangfilm of Germany, high-end Grand Slam, Avantgarde, and Goldmund, Korea’s first radio, first television, and first record player. Visitors can request music to be played by rare speakers for appreciation.
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    Edison Sound Science Exhibition

    This exhibition presents the world’s first tinfoil phonograph invented by an American inventor named Edison in 1877, music boxes, organs, rare phonographs, and home phonographs that were distributed before domestic audio systems. Visitors can watch the development process of phonographs to understand how they contributed to the advancement of pop music and take a look at phonographs from different eras.


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