Is Rhapsody In Blue a chain?
  What set menus are available at Rhapsody In Blue?
  Does the Cafe Rhapsody In Blue roast the beans? If so, how m…
  What coffee beans does Rhapsody In Blue use?
  Does Cafe Rhapsody In Blue have a smoking room?
  Are there discounts for beverages at Rhapsody In Blue if we …
  What are the business hours of Rhapsody In Blue?
  Can I visit Cafe Rhapsody In Blue without visiting the museu…
  Are there indoor/outdoor concerts?
  Is food allowed in the museum?
  Can I choose the songs in the audiovisual room?
  How do I apply to volunteer at the K Pop Museum?
  How do I donate items for exhibit?
  Where do we store our belongings?
  Is the museum operated by the government
  What is the range of period of the exhibits?
  Are there books on the exhibit?
  Are pets allowed?
  Can I listen to the representative records exhibited?
  Do you give explanations on the exhibits?
  Is parking available? If so, how much is it?
  Is the museum closed on Sundays?
  What is the duration of the exhibit
  What are the operating hours of the museum?
  Are reservations required for group visits?
  Can children enter by themselves?
  When was the museum’s opening?